Ascorbic- FE

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  • L-Ascorbic Acid-15%,
  • Alpha Tocopherol-1%,
  • Ferulic Acid-0.5%,
  • Glycerin -2%,
  • Panthenol-1%,
  • Propylene Glycol-0.5 %,
  • Sodium Hyaluronate-0.3%,
  • Laureate 23- 0.1%
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Ascorbic FE is latest and the most innovatively developed Vitamin C serum providing numerous additional benefits compared to the traditional serums. The product suits all the skin types and the major components have been meticulously studied and internationally acclaimed to be the best for skin care segment.   

The most striking feature of the product lies in the main ingredient- L-ascorbic acid, which is the most researched form of Vitamin C. Its synthesis has brought a major revolution in skin care industry and we are providing this complex formulation to all at their doorsteps.

Vitamin C has been used for long because of its hydrating and skin brightening effects. It diminishes the redness and makes the skin tone uniform. Diminishing the pigmentation it also lessens the sagging and damages of the skin. Overall it provides all the “wished” attributes and softens the skin in natural way.    

 Another major component, Ferulic acid-a major anti-oxidant, reducing fine lines, wrinkles and spots also stabilises the solution of Vitamin C & E in the product. Studies have revealed that this special combination of three components in this specific proportion, implemented in our Ascorbic- FE, provide 8 times more protection and care to the skin.

As our hallmark, the product does not have any harmful Paraben or sulphate salts. The sweet-smelling substances and the base to carry this formulation all have been chosen with caution for better skin care. Pamper you skin with the best possible serum, made available by  Peau Care for the “Pleasure of Elegance”.

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