About The Brand

What Motivates Us?

In the globally inundated skincare segment, with different new products emerging every day, it’s hard to make a better choice. While all brands clamouring to be the best with natural ingredients, many a times fail to deliver the promises, especially in the long term. Meanwhile, increasing skin diseases, allergies and side-effects raise serious concerns. False advertising along with the lack of suitable products coerces people to make wrong selections which might feel good for few weeks but later produces unpleasant effects. 

Why Us?

In a tropical country like India with scorching sunlight almost all over the year, the combination of chemicals in major products is not suitable as they have been designed in and for use in countries like US ,UK or France. Moreover we have 6 climate zones and a huge diversity in skin tone and types. Degrading air quality, contamination of water and increasing level of harmful UV rays adds to the already saddening situation. After the thoughtful analysis of all these things with the valuable inputs from the global experts, we have been successful in developing the best possible combination of ingredients to confront aforesaid challenges in Indian context. Deterioration of quality of product over time is also a problem here, which we have rectified, by introducing our special and sophisticated packing and the option of delivering them at your doorstep.

The Peau Care range of products have been developed after a rigorous research and all-inclusive analysis. It’s not just another brand with same chemicals, but the quintessence of hard work and arduous efforts of industry professionals and veterans across India and France.

We have contemplated more on healthy, glowing, nourished skin for an elegant look. In the first phase, conducting our operations we have launched 4 brands -

  • A Mineral based sunscreen (Protego 46) ,
  • An oil free healthy sunscreen (L’eau shield SPF 50),
  • A skin brightening and softening serum with the most researched and useful form of vitamin C (Ascorbic FE),
  • Another serum to beat the ageing effects and anti-acne properties (CLAIR PEAU).

All these are free from aforementioned pernicious chemicals & contain FDA approved ingredients & natural aromatic substances. The healthy glowing look they provide naturally, will definitely give you the, “Pleasure of Elegance”.